I’m pretty sure Beef’s hair makes a sound, and that sound is WOOSH!


the sleeping dog

the original Baddest Bitch, Queen Beryl

 Colors, man. CoLoRs!!!

I would like to be a colorist, and you should let me spray technicolor chaos in an ordered arrangement on your comic pages in exchange for your gold.

Let me be your colorist.

sammy-spock-dalek replied to your post: in the marker-addled bedpan of my garb…

OOOOHHHH I want those Vegetas on a pants on a jacket on a shirt on a bra on a goddamn everythinggggg *n*

OMG JOANNA, your constant nice comments

in the marker-addled bedpan of my garbage brain, an idea is beginning to root itself free

DBZ u & me

in the name of clearing out some old files, here’s also some ink and marker drawings I somehow managed to take pictures of before they were eaten by a gallery show two years ago. hrrrmmmm :|

first one is fanart for the cool comic series Pirates of Coney Island. The second one is fanart of Mr. Darcy who if you don’t know who that is then fuck you, sir. But, I mean, everybody knows Mr. Darcy. Who doesn’t know Mr. Darcy???

I just discovered some old deviantart Hamlet-style garbage from some years ago when I tried to make The Lion King about people, like 50,000 other people have already also done. I kind of HATE anthropomorphic anything, but The Lion King fuckin ruled, man. Basically the only Broadway play I could ever bring myself to go see. I hear it is the most excellent. I always thought Nala was a bad bitch.