This is what happens when you have a little TOO MUCH FUN coloring posters for your friends. Don’t do drugs, stay in school! THE COLORS, DUKE, THE COLORS @__@

awesome linework by the amazing Rawn Gandy for the Kerry Talbot show in Richmond VA this friday. Acid pain color palettes by an over excited me.

a dark and stormy night

excuse u, rainbow crayon ponyfish

Women Warriors blowing up the Baltimore LED billboard!


I’m pretty sure Beef’s hair makes a sound, and that sound is WOOSH!


the sleeping dog

the original Baddest Bitch, Queen Beryl

 Colors, man. CoLoRs!!!

I would like to be a colorist, and you should let me spray technicolor chaos in an ordered arrangement on your comic pages in exchange for your gold.

Let me be your colorist.