I married this game  :|

reminder about my garbage fanart blogs ID+EGO (grand theft auto 5) & COMPLETE HUMAN TRASH (bully).  it will be a dangerous day indeed the day these blogs cross streams

Anonymous: is there any way to buy any of your bully art, it's the best!??

good question, anonymous! And if by purchase you mean “look at a lot” then head on over to my brand new all-bully-all-the-time tumblr, COMPLETE HUMAN TRASH. Any Bully-related prints or sales will go down there if they go down! 

GTAV is great and stuff but BULLY will always and forever be my number one true videogame love. I have so much stupid garbage from this game I literally have no idea why I never had a bully-specific tumblr.

welp. NOW I DO.

This is Planet Earth, Agent White. Do you read me, over? Today I kept the peace on this planet!

Seeya at SPX guys! I’ll be walking around with Abby Boeh and a sack full of sketchbook zines for trades and gifts. Please don’t goad me into spending more money than I’m already going to.  (A LOT, the answer is a lot. $$$$$!!)

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Perfect Abby Boeh and I are starting an all-girls video game review podcast! Our buddy Colby offered to moderate a test run while we were drinkin and havin fun at a BBQ over labor day weekend. He recorded it on his phone, everybody has beer, it is mega casual, and it is smack in the middle of a spoiler heavy conversation about murder dads and THE LAST OF US, but you can listen to a little snippet of us talking here! You know, if you’re into that kind of thing. 

Please look forward to a real podcast in the future containing REAL GIRLS talking about REAL VIDEO GAMES, and the things we think about them as active members of the gaming community at large.

join me as I sit in this dungeon and draw teenage boys giving each other the hard side eye for another six years :|


I love the garbage dads